With increasing accessibility to imitation and 3rd party parts worldwide, some may choose non-genuine parts over genuine ones. Genuine parts may also often be seen as expensive and of similar quality to their imitations counterparts. We would like to clarify however, that there is a difference in quality between Yanmar Genuine Parts and non-genuine ones.

Although non-genuine parts may look identical or even similar to genuine ones, these parts have not been approved or tested. Non-genuine parts are unable to achieve the same level of quality Yanmar Genuine Parts are able to provide. Additionally, non-genuine parts also lack the safety attributes required of them.

On the other hand, Yanmar Genuine Parts are manufactured under ISO9001 system, ensuring the highest quality that we can provide for our customers. With such a system in place, Yanmar guarantees that all parts delivered to the market have met factory design standards and specifications. Customers can therefore, be assured that their engine integrity would not be comprised.

Why risk placing non-genuine parts into your engines, knowing that the performance and reliability would never be on par as the original. Why have unnecessary fears of your engines breaking down when you can have a peace of mind with Yanmar Genuine Parts.