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Get the most reliable equipment rental service with us in Malaysia. We provide affordable rental services for all the industrial, manufacturing or commercial purposes like residential building, utility contracting, road building or landscaping.

Construction Equipment Rental in Malaysia

Offering Daily, Monthly, or Long-Term Rental

We take pride in being the best in the construction equipment rental in Malaysia. We have been providing our construction equipment rental services in Malaysia to various Renovation, Swimming Pool, Factories, Plantations, Golf Courses, Landscape, Maintenance Work and government bodies. We are proud to provide all types of quality heavy equipment like Mini-Excavator, Skid Steer Loader, Mini Compact Loader, Mini Crawler Dumper and Self Loaders. We also aim to take care of your projects by providing construction equipment that helps to speed up the progress of your project.

Our equipment rental services are much reliable and trustable as we have been working in this market for the last 30 years. This is why you can trust us if you are looking for a partner who is capable of providing you with all the needed heavy equipment for your general construction or heavy material transportation. If your company is planning to build a house, demolish work, swimming pool, landscaping, drain work, cable work, renovation, sweeping road and more. We have every type of different machine model and attachments to assist you in your project.

Quality Construction Equipment

Our team provides continuous support to make sure your project can be completed in a shorter time period by giving all suggestions to reduce downtime. If you want to work in the most effective manner, you can also hire our experienced and qualified operators to get the best out of our rented construction equipment. Following are our most popular construction equipment rental services.


Mini Compact Loader Rental

With our high-quality skid loader from established brands, you can quickly move around in a compact area with the mini compact loader where larger equipment cannot access to. Having the mini compact loader also help reduce the need for manpower to work efficiently.


Skid Loader Rental

With our skid loader rental service, you can easily reduce the travelling time wasted at all construction sites and tackle all the tough jobs using its powerful pushing force in all of the soft, sandy, wet and muddy environments. This helps to improve project efficiency.


Mini Excavator Rental

Our mini excavator rental service, you can quietly and powerfully tackle all the digging operations silently without worrying about the noise. They are just perfect for planting trees, installing irrigation systems and excavating plots for new construction.


Mini Dumper Rental

The mini dumper is the most helpful equipment you can get to work more efficiently with a lesser workforce required. It’s the best alternative for your wheelbarrow with better efficiency and can move into any building or construction area quickly.

We Serve These Industries

With over 30 years of experience, our team has provided rental services of the equipment to various types of projects. And the following projects are at the best of our workmanship.


Construction & Renovation




Swimming Pool


Maintenance Project

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